In addition to various 3D stereoscopic products, A&D SYSTEM also provides various services.


With a strong reputation for continuous innovation, A&D System Co., Ltd. has provided new technologies to its customers and is committed to supplying the best products in the marketplace. We are continually developing new products, enhancing our business partnerships, and advancing our position in the technology sector as a technology leader. We are also enhancing our competitiveness using technology to respond to market changes in an active manner.

An application for a patent for a CCTV system that monitors weather conditions
An application for a patent for weather monitoring device
An application for a patent for a method of calculating cloudiness using high-resolution photographs of the sky
Awarded by the National Director of Meteorological Sciences
Meteorological business registration (Meteorological Agency)
“bestView ADF-4000” KC certification obtained
“bestView ADF-3600/4500” developed and launched
“bestView ADF-4000” developed and launched
“bestView” digital stereoscopic filter patent registration (Patent No. 10-1426227)
Development of “bestView ADF-5000” digital stereoscopic filter for theaters
Development of “bestView ADS-120M” motorized silver screen
Development of “bestView ADF-3210" digital stereoscopic filter
Development of “bestView ADF-3200" digital stereoscopic filter
Development of real-time 3D simulation for the Independence (Memorial) Hall
Development of stereoscopic polarizing glasses “ADG-3000, ADG-3200”
Development of “bestView ADF-3000” digital stereoscopic filter for theaters
“bestView” Digital 3D Filter “Hollywood Walt Disney Studio” Quality Approval
“bestView” integrated brand for stereoscopic imaging equipment launched
Development of stereoscopic filters for LED billboards
Development and delivery of stereoscopic glasses for CGV (Digital 3D, I-Max)
Awarded with Chungnam Venture Association’s “Daejeon Daily Paper Award for corporations”